How TestRX Works!
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TestRX™ natural bodybuilding supplement is a testosterone booster for guys in the gym. It’s not steroids, and there’s no synthetic hormone in the formula.

Yet it helps guys build bigger muscles, boost aerobic performance, assist with weight loss and may even shift your sex drive in high gear.

Curious how it works?

The short version of how TestRX™ works is that it encourages the body to make more testosterone. The latter boosts rate of protein synthesis, which helps build muscle mass and limits a catabolic hormone called cortisol, which breaks down muscle tissue.

Amino acids make proteins. Protein fuels muscle growth. But your body’s ability to use protein for bigger guns depends on its bioavailability.

Testosterone helps with protein synthesis by binding to androgen receptors in your muscle cells. Your body can then use that protein to repair the tiny micro-tears that occur in your tissue after you hit the weights, and build muscle as a result.

More testosterone means more growth, faster recovery and bigger muscles. It also increases the red blood cells in your body and helps with better oxygen flow.


TestRX™ is designed to boost your testosterone. In turn, you should have more energy, faster recovery and bigger muscles.

You may find you keep them longer too. And of course, there’s the added (and highly enjoyable benefit) of having more jump in the bedroom with TestRX™. Several of the ingredients in its formula – zinc and D-aspartic acid – have been scientifically shown to increase virility.

Another of the ingredients in TestRX™ is shown to increase growth hormone, which should further give you more energy and bigger muscles.

Even if you’re eating well and rest properly, most guys tend to lose 10% of their testosterone each decade after 30. No matter how hard you train, you may not see growth. So what are you waiting for? TestRX™ is guaranteed for 60 days and can give you that edge in the gym. Get off the sidelines and man up. Order TestRX™ natural testosterone booster today and claim that ripped body!

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