That’s when the gains come more slowly, if at all. You may have trouble going heavier and your ‘pump’ is gone.

Your body is bored – and you really don’t want to be in the weight room.

You could be plateauing for any number of reasons, be it your diet or overtraining (which is more likely). But it comes down to your body. It’s no longer stimulated by the same old techniques

The good news is you can bust through a training plateau. You’ll need to step back and make a few changes, but it’s more than possible to trigger muscle growth again and keep your body guessing what your next move will be.

TestRX™ can help you build bigger muscles. But how bad do you want this? If you really want to smash through barriers, step back and try the following. Then go at it again.


There’s no shame in giving your body a little time to heal. In fact, it needs to do this – consider that you don’t actually build muscle while you’re in the gym. Your body makes muscle by catabolizing strained tissue when you rest and refuel. Not only that, this gives your joints, heart, central nervous system and the rest of you time to recuperate. You can also use this time to make a new gym workout list, so you’ll have something new to rile you up when you go at it again!


If you’re having trouble adding on extra weight try this. Take your bench press for example – if you can’t beat your previous reps or go heavier, work to failure. Then, take the plates off the bar, wait 20-25 seconds and push out as many more reps (without plates) as possible. Do this for a few weeks.


A drop set is when you immediately lift lighter weights after working to failure. You might max out on dumb bell shoulder raises at 9 reps of 60, for example, after which you could quickly switch to 50 for 6 reps, then 40 and so on. Try this on your last set of an exercise. Experiment, but leave some gas in the tank.


A super set is when you do two exercises (usually for the same muscle group) with no rest in between. That works out to about 15-20 reps if you’re aiming for 8-12 repetitions per exercise. Now, lower your reps, so you do 6-8 reps per exercise, and ideally no more than 12 reps combined. If you can do more, add more weight.


This is a contentious issue, because having a spotter for each rep is lifting for your ego rather than gains. Still, it probably can’t hurt to have a spotter on the last few reps of a particular exercise – say bench, for example. If you aim for 8 reps, have your spotter help you on the last three, beginning on the way up, then helping a little more on the remaining two reps.


We’ve already talked about lowering your reps on super sets. Now try doing this on your other exercises. If you’ve been doing four sets of 12, switch it up! Try 4 for 10 or 3 sets of 8. Heck, try just one set at 8 reps. You can go heavier as a result. The key is to keep your body guessing and make training dynamic.


The big plateau-smashers are in the six steps we’re talked about already. But watch your variables too. Play with your grip, for example. You could move your hands closer together or further apart. Do the same with your feet. Try different equipment while you’re at it.


The preceding tips can help you smash through your training plateau. But use a little common sense – don’t do each of these factors at once. Also, don’t change every week. Just like you probably stick to a regular program over weeks or months (or years, in which case, seriously switch it up now!), once you make these changes, give them time to work.

Use your best results as a baseline. Then watch your gains over the next 6 to 8 weeks.

The benefit of TestRX™ is that it stimulates testosterone naturally. No, it’s not steroids, but that’s good - TestRX™ is designed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help the body synthesize proteins and encourage growth of muscle.

Put another way, it could be all the difference between a decent body and the ripped physique you truly desire.

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